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Since 2020, boat shows and boating related events are being cancelled or postponed. Even when they do take place, potential visitors can be confronted with all kinds of obstacles (flight cancelations, tests, vaccinations, etc…). Your prospects wish, however, to be able to continue to move forward with their research to carry out their project, throughout the year. And from your point of view, you also need to generate leads, qualify new prospects and keep your business at the best possible level despite health constraints.

Hence why we have innovated and developped a CONNECTED BOAT SHOW that puts human relationships at the heart of our discussions.

Accessible by a simple web link, from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, the CONNECTED BOAT SHOW will be very easy to use for the general public (no download, no avatar to create, no halls to browse…).

It is an afloat, innovative, permanent, intuitive show allowing you to exhibit your boats or your services in order to qualify new leads. On request, meetings take place by videoconference in the heart of the marina dedicated to your brand in order to favor face-to-face exchanges with international prospects from the Multihull Magazine communities (media partner of the connected show) and ChooseYourBoat.

This innovation is the guarantee for your prospects to feel very privileged, to ask all their questions in a private context (directly with an expert) and to move forward with confidence in their purchase project. The new generation of exhibition stand was born on the CONNECTED BOAT SHOW! On the water, attractive, friendly, ... we have dared to break conventional codes! 3D allows us to do this, so why do without it?

This Connected Boat Show is unique and developed in your image thanks to very innovative solutions combining:
- 3D animation and film
- virtual tours inside VR 360°
- videos of boat or yard visits,
- Visio-conference or Live visits from the boats
Key events, such as launching

Please contact us below, or at to arrange a demo.

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