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The most effective communication and sales tool

Today, video is a must-have marketing tool, it is essential support for communication that doubles sales win rates.


Videos are by far the most viewed media on the Internet. They are also shared a lot more than articles. They are the best way to go viral.


Choose Your Boat is well known around the world because of its guided boat tour videos.

In addition to the guided tour format, Choose Your Boat also offers a wide variety of video shots: aerial via drone, sea level and also under water shots.


  • corporate video, corporate film, reporting, site visit, product demonstration

  • boat or product launch and promotion campaign, advertising, teaser

  • interviews, customer testimonials

  • training, video technique

  • event video filming / editing, live broadcast

  • bloopers, humorous videos, parody (script development, direction and coaching for actors and extras)

  •  360° immersive experience videos / Motion Design (animated graphics)



Choose Your Boat is your communication project partner from conception to launch, optimizing your communication strategy and able to advise you on the best practices for: image banks, product launch, website design, social network strategy and more...


Whatever videos you decide on, to ensure optimal visibility, Choose Your Boat takes care of content distribution and promotion on its platforms.


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