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The most effective communication and sales tool

Guided tour videos are Choose Your Boat's core business... and an unparalleled success (we recorded 15  milions views in 2020)!


The world's leading platform for guided boat tours, Choose Your Boat attracts some 450,000 visitors a month from around the world on our Youtube channel and Web TV


In fact, visitors from 200 countries connect to Choose Your Boat with 22% coming from the USA, 15% from France as well as from Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Canada and many many others ...


The most valuable statistic is of course is time watched by viewers! Thanks to our natural indexing (or Search Engine Optimisation) work, we target the right audience. Visitors are encouraged to stay connected for as long as it takes to get the information they are looking for.


5 minutes. This is the average length of a guided tour video on Choose Your Boat.

Take the test. It's really long!


Our loyalty rates (the percentage of viewing time in relation to total video length) on Youtube statistics are high because our visitors are searching actively (unlike on Facebook for example where these rates are low).


Important point: internet search is really high on Youtube (a Google acquisition)! Something to consider when it comes to online strategy.

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