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For the most part, the Choose Your Boat team comes from the world of new technology. Advising and accompanying clients with innovative projects is our passion.


Successfully launching a new boat is difficult in terms of communication. Often, it hasn't even touched the water.

However, there are several computer-generated (3D) image solutions that work, for example, and can be integrated into different communication tools.


The hologram makes it possible to create virtual models that allow buyers to discover not only the exterior but also the interior of a boat. We have already made this type of model for a client building multihull boats and it was quite successful!


Using (or not) immersion technology, augmented and/or virtual reality, or even a combination of these (which is ideal) allows for a different kind of boat tour that real or synthetic images can't offer.


Tests with the Hololens 2 are indeed very encouraging as it allows for a continuous visualization of what surrounds the viewer while allowing for virtual image layers to be applied right before their eyes.


At Choose Your Boat, we believe that boat configurators also have a bright future. They win over potential customers by accompanying them in the development and visualisation of their project.


If, for example, your objective is to enhance a winter boat show with virtual demonstration, we also offer interactive tactile solutions, giant screen walls that can interact with visitors ... and more. At CYB, we're not short on ideas... as new technologies are part of our daily lives!

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