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Bring potential buyers onboard for a cruise.

And have them navigate remotely...

Choose Your Boat is one of the first communication agencies to have offered and successfully implimented a 360° virtual reality cruise.


To make a lasting impression and really set themselves apart, Choose Your Boat clients can offer potential customers a unique, live, experience... on board their boats or even at sea. The experience changes everything... the 360° VR really gives the feeling of being 'teleported' aboard a boat, where its possible to meet fellow passengers, to clearly perceive every detail and get a real feeling for the volumes and even the movement of the boat. It's an experience that engages all the senses!


Prospective buyers can live, or relive, these experiences in immersion thanks to VR glasses that are easily accessible.

It is an ideal solution for sharing an outing at sea, a race, the life of a race boat captain and offers sensations that are both unique and rare.


Our skills in high-tech and our experience with at sea shoots have allowed us to excel in this area. Choose Your Boat offers a complete project management package... from scenario writing to rental of the necessary equipment, to the professional grade production of content that is unsurpassed in quality.


Over the last few years the Paris Nautical trade show has selected Choose Your Boat to share these unique VR experiences with as many visitors as possible.

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