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CYB can make a boat visible from all angles! with HD immersive experience photography

Before acquiring a boat, buyers want to explore every nook and cranny, whether at a boat show or online. Then take time to think things over.


This understanding of a buyer's experience makes the production of a quality virtual tour, for each model in a line, a communication strategy essential.


Created from 360° photos, CYB virtual tours allow potential buyers to discover the boat at their own pace, in whatever direction they choose. It is even possible "zoom in" to appreciate finer details and finishes.


Interior and exterior shots can be done in any location, even in-doors at a boat show, or in the shipyard.

Our combination of different techniques offers clients the most realistic and professional quality results:


     •       floor-to-ceiling shots, high definition images

     •       lighting work, cropping, retouching extraneous details, optimization

     •       it's also possible to integrate new backgrounds as with the examples below

          o       the Antilles instead of Les Sables d'Olonne for Privilege catamarans,

          o       the open sea instead of the Grand Pavois for the Garcia,

          o       the beach instead of the Cannes lounge for the Dufour range


Virtual tours can also be seen through a Virtual Reality headset. Boats can thus be the subject of an immersive experience that is very close to reality.

Since we are Google Trusted Photographers, our virtual tours can also be integrated into Google Maps.


With CYB, clients retain image ownership and can use and re-use them in the future. We deliver all the data directly to our clients, not just a simple internet link, as many agencies do.


Finally, Choose Your Boat also ensures the launch and promotion of your virtual visit on our platforms that offer unparalleled global visibility.

Dufour 63.PNG
Serie 7.PNG
Alegria 67.PNG
Euphorie 5.PNG
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